Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...30 minutes lesson...

For this week, there were four groups that presented their their 30 minutes lesson incorporating the web page that we have created during the previous class. It is rather interesting to watch my friends deliver their 30 minutes lesson. Sadly, my group did not have the chance to deliver our lesson since we were running out of time. So, my group's turn will be the following week. As my friends presented their lessons, there is obviously some good points and weak pionts that was lacking in their presentation and lesson. The challenge that most of us had to face is incorporating technology in our teaching. It is reay funto see my friends deliver their lesson. It is not only colourfun but also very attractive. I have learned that by incorporating tecnology in your classroom teaching, it would realy make a difference besides attracting the students' attention and interest. Besides that, teachers that uses technology in their teaching can explore many different kinds on technological based learning mterials such as videos which is another medium of instruction which is very interesting. However, teachers should be aware and careful when choosing the materials used. I cant wait to present next week and I hope that my group would put up a good presentation next week and would gain positive comments as well. Thank You.

Friday, October 9, 2009

...Web Page Presentation...

This week's Science class was very interesting. This is because, this week, all the group's presented their idea on their web page based on the topic/theme that they have choosen. As for my group, we have successfully presented our web page which was on FOOD CHAIN. We worked hard in putting together our ideas for this project. This is our first time doing such things, therefore, it was a real challenge for all of us I would say. However, I found it very interesting. I was able to see many creative ideas which was brought forward by my friends as they present on their web page. Our lecturer was constantly asking us to give our comments and this lead to some classroom discussion whereby each of us gave our comments on how to improve each another's web page. As for group, there were some things that we need to change in order to improvise on our web page. One of it was, the video that we have embedded in our web page which is believed to be less attractive and helpful. Thus, that would be the weakness that was evident in my group's web page. Besides that some of the pictures that we used was not clear as the resolution was quite bad. Thus, leaving the pictures blurry. Those mentioned above were some of the changes that needs to be done order to improve my group's web page.Our next task would be to prepare a lesson plan that incorporate our web page. My group has dicided who is doing what and I am looking forward for this because, from this next activity, we are able to evaluate the practicality of our web page. Looking forward!! :) Thats all from me now, ADIOS!! :P

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...Concept Map Presentation...

For this week’s lecture, all the groups presented on the topic/theme that they have prepared for last week’s class. My group decided to work on Food Chain. We presented our power point to the whole class and explained to the class our concept and reason for choosing this topic. Based on what my group had presented, we decided to choose this topic and incorporating the use of technology for this topic is because it would be much easier if teachers were to use technology when it comes to teaching this topic. This is because; it is rather difficult for teachers to bring real animals to the classroom. Therefore, by using technology such as ICT web, teachers can introduce a wide variety of animals to the pupils. These animals would look very real and colourful at the same time. Pupils will seem to enjoy themselves when such technology is incorporated for this topic. Besides that, we also designed a concept map on our topic, food chain after the presentation was over. As mentioned earlier, food chain is the topic that my groups intend to prepare for the next coming assignment. It was very interesting to be able to design a concept map on food chain. I personally learned a lot as I designed a concept map on the topic. It was interesting I would say. I felt happy after presenting the concept map, our lecturer agreed on it and gave her comments on how we could improvise the concept map. This would be a very good attempt I would say.

Friday, September 11, 2009

8th week..

Sorry I could not write anything for last week as I did not attend class because I was not feeling well. Therefore,I could not update on last week's class. I was quite upset because I found out that En. Fauzi was not going to teach us anymore and that that week was his last week with us.I was upset because I did not attend class and did not have the chance to wish him goodbye and thank him for giving us all a wonderful learning experience. Well for this week, it was our new lecturer and I did learn a lot of new things. One of it was learning about Spice Instructional Design Theories or also known as ID. Apart from that there was an indept discussion I would say on both Behaviourist and Cognitivist theorist and its principle when it comes to teaching Science. Based on the exposure, I learn that the Behaviourist approach is a step by step manner as compared to Cognitivist whereby this theory is concerned with the internal processes.There is a task that we are required to do in our groups based on this weeks lecture. The task is to choose a science skill or knowledge that we would like to teach using ICT. Upon discussion with my groups, we have decided to teach 'FOOD CHAIN' using ICT. This task need to b completed by next week in power point and be presented. This weeks class was interesting as I learned alot on both the theorist as well as on the ID aspect. Thats all for this week..See you again next week..ADIOS! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6th week..!!

Hi, I am back again and this time with a whole new experience..I have learned alot today because this week's class was the presentation on 'critique on teaching software'. Many groups have presented and I admit that I have benefited alot through this weeks class. Some of the critique that was done by my fellow friends are on many forms of teaching software that can be found in todays modern world. As for my group, we presented on a software which is of E-learning. This is a kind of software that allows pupils to be actively engage themselves in the learning process. My group did provide some example of activities that can be found in this software. Not only that it is interesting and not to mention fun and interactive at the same time. I belive that each school should have such software installed in every PC in the school so that it would be benefical for the pupils. They will not only learn but also play at the same time which will increase their motivation level at the same time. I believe that pupils will benefit alot from such taeching software as it promotes interest in children. I am going to miss Science lesson so much next week because I am having semester break for a week.. :( Learning Science this semester is really fun and interesting and I really enjoy myself. Thank you Mr. Fauzi :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

...5th week..maximum exposure!!!

Hello, I am back again..well this time I do have alot of things to share since it is the 5th week..Yes, so fast isn't it..??it feels like I just entered UM like say, yesterday and its already the fifth week..Your right, time flies...What did I learn during Science class today..?? Before I answer that question myself, I would like to express my relief because my group and I have successfully completed our simulated teaching. It is a really good experience, I would say. For most of us of course. This is because, this is my first time teaching for the Science subject therefore I really did not know what to aspect..however I must say that I manage to deliver the lesson well. Thanks to my group for helping me and supporting me and same goes to my classmates. The topic of my simulated teaching was on light with 2 major concepts which are : " LIGHT TRAVELS IN A STRAIGHT LINE as well as introduction to terms such as ' OPAQUE, TRANSPARENT AND TRANSLUCENT'. My group went on great lenght to incooperate the use of technology in our teaching and therefore we used Powerpoint presentations as well as Torchlight. I learned alot based on this week's class and I must asmit that I had a lot of fun although this task is suppose to be an assignment. :) Besides that, Mr. Fauzi also did give us a hand-out on 'COMMMON TEACHER MISTAKES THAT CAUSE STUDENT MISBEHAVIOR' . Thanks Mr. Fauzi for having the thought of sharing this piece of information because I found it very interesting and usefull especially for me as a future teachers. The points that was emphasized in the hand-out made me to think of my own personal conduct and how I can and should improve myself. Thus, i found the hand-out really interesting and educational. Thats all for now, till I see you again..ADIOS!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

...4th week..FUN!!!... :)

This week is the 'simulated teaching week' and everyone is excited to do their teaching after such a long time. Well it is a new environment and our first time as well for the Science subject. Our lecturer Mr. Fauzi has been a great help. He was helping my group out and willing to share with us his knowledge. Our simulated teaching should incorporate the use of technology (CD-ROM). What interest me the most is that the groups that have presented did a very good job..I was so impressed and was so engaged by their lessons. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those who have presented..GOOD JOB GUYS!!! My group have not presented yet and I cant wait for the next science class. I believe that when we incorperate the use of technology in the teaching and learning process, it will definetly benefit the students. During our SEP days when we conducted a survey on the students learning experience for the Science subject, they all admited that it is tough...Therefore, i believe incorperating technology and making learning fun at the same time may help. That is all for now..Can't wait to teach next Tuesday!!! Adios!!!