Monday, August 10, 2009

...5th week..maximum exposure!!!

Hello, I am back again..well this time I do have alot of things to share since it is the 5th week..Yes, so fast isn't it..??it feels like I just entered UM like say, yesterday and its already the fifth week..Your right, time flies...What did I learn during Science class today..?? Before I answer that question myself, I would like to express my relief because my group and I have successfully completed our simulated teaching. It is a really good experience, I would say. For most of us of course. This is because, this is my first time teaching for the Science subject therefore I really did not know what to aspect..however I must say that I manage to deliver the lesson well. Thanks to my group for helping me and supporting me and same goes to my classmates. The topic of my simulated teaching was on light with 2 major concepts which are : " LIGHT TRAVELS IN A STRAIGHT LINE as well as introduction to terms such as ' OPAQUE, TRANSPARENT AND TRANSLUCENT'. My group went on great lenght to incooperate the use of technology in our teaching and therefore we used Powerpoint presentations as well as Torchlight. I learned alot based on this week's class and I must asmit that I had a lot of fun although this task is suppose to be an assignment. :) Besides that, Mr. Fauzi also did give us a hand-out on 'COMMMON TEACHER MISTAKES THAT CAUSE STUDENT MISBEHAVIOR' . Thanks Mr. Fauzi for having the thought of sharing this piece of information because I found it very interesting and usefull especially for me as a future teachers. The points that was emphasized in the hand-out made me to think of my own personal conduct and how I can and should improve myself. Thus, i found the hand-out really interesting and educational. Thats all for now, till I see you again..ADIOS!!!

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