Friday, September 11, 2009

8th week..

Sorry I could not write anything for last week as I did not attend class because I was not feeling well. Therefore,I could not update on last week's class. I was quite upset because I found out that En. Fauzi was not going to teach us anymore and that that week was his last week with us.I was upset because I did not attend class and did not have the chance to wish him goodbye and thank him for giving us all a wonderful learning experience. Well for this week, it was our new lecturer and I did learn a lot of new things. One of it was learning about Spice Instructional Design Theories or also known as ID. Apart from that there was an indept discussion I would say on both Behaviourist and Cognitivist theorist and its principle when it comes to teaching Science. Based on the exposure, I learn that the Behaviourist approach is a step by step manner as compared to Cognitivist whereby this theory is concerned with the internal processes.There is a task that we are required to do in our groups based on this weeks lecture. The task is to choose a science skill or knowledge that we would like to teach using ICT. Upon discussion with my groups, we have decided to teach 'FOOD CHAIN' using ICT. This task need to b completed by next week in power point and be presented. This weeks class was interesting as I learned alot on both the theorist as well as on the ID aspect. Thats all for this week..See you again next week..ADIOS! :)

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