Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...Concept Map Presentation...

For this week’s lecture, all the groups presented on the topic/theme that they have prepared for last week’s class. My group decided to work on Food Chain. We presented our power point to the whole class and explained to the class our concept and reason for choosing this topic. Based on what my group had presented, we decided to choose this topic and incorporating the use of technology for this topic is because it would be much easier if teachers were to use technology when it comes to teaching this topic. This is because; it is rather difficult for teachers to bring real animals to the classroom. Therefore, by using technology such as ICT web, teachers can introduce a wide variety of animals to the pupils. These animals would look very real and colourful at the same time. Pupils will seem to enjoy themselves when such technology is incorporated for this topic. Besides that, we also designed a concept map on our topic, food chain after the presentation was over. As mentioned earlier, food chain is the topic that my groups intend to prepare for the next coming assignment. It was very interesting to be able to design a concept map on food chain. I personally learned a lot as I designed a concept map on the topic. It was interesting I would say. I felt happy after presenting the concept map, our lecturer agreed on it and gave her comments on how we could improvise the concept map. This would be a very good attempt I would say.

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