Friday, October 9, 2009

...Web Page Presentation...

This week's Science class was very interesting. This is because, this week, all the group's presented their idea on their web page based on the topic/theme that they have choosen. As for my group, we have successfully presented our web page which was on FOOD CHAIN. We worked hard in putting together our ideas for this project. This is our first time doing such things, therefore, it was a real challenge for all of us I would say. However, I found it very interesting. I was able to see many creative ideas which was brought forward by my friends as they present on their web page. Our lecturer was constantly asking us to give our comments and this lead to some classroom discussion whereby each of us gave our comments on how to improve each another's web page. As for group, there were some things that we need to change in order to improvise on our web page. One of it was, the video that we have embedded in our web page which is believed to be less attractive and helpful. Thus, that would be the weakness that was evident in my group's web page. Besides that some of the pictures that we used was not clear as the resolution was quite bad. Thus, leaving the pictures blurry. Those mentioned above were some of the changes that needs to be done order to improve my group's web page.Our next task would be to prepare a lesson plan that incorporate our web page. My group has dicided who is doing what and I am looking forward for this because, from this next activity, we are able to evaluate the practicality of our web page. Looking forward!! :) Thats all from me now, ADIOS!! :P

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