Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...30 minutes lesson...

For this week, there were four groups that presented their their 30 minutes lesson incorporating the web page that we have created during the previous class. It is rather interesting to watch my friends deliver their 30 minutes lesson. Sadly, my group did not have the chance to deliver our lesson since we were running out of time. So, my group's turn will be the following week. As my friends presented their lessons, there is obviously some good points and weak pionts that was lacking in their presentation and lesson. The challenge that most of us had to face is incorporating technology in our teaching. It is reay funto see my friends deliver their lesson. It is not only colourfun but also very attractive. I have learned that by incorporating tecnology in your classroom teaching, it would realy make a difference besides attracting the students' attention and interest. Besides that, teachers that uses technology in their teaching can explore many different kinds on technological based learning mterials such as videos which is another medium of instruction which is very interesting. However, teachers should be aware and careful when choosing the materials used. I cant wait to present next week and I hope that my group would put up a good presentation next week and would gain positive comments as well. Thank You.

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